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FloatRower™ slid into selected David Lloyd Clubs around the country in September 2021 - at Northwood, Acton Park, Derby and Hatfield, where Club Members can use it as part of the gym membership. We've trained gym staff fully so that they can give their members a complete induction to how FloatRower™ works, and how to get the very best from their workout. 


Since our trials started, we've had some brilliant feedback from Club Members and Gym Staff alike...

"A big step up"

"The amount of detail involved is a great insight into how efficient your rowing technique is. It's such a big step up when compared to other rowers: not just the stats, but how it looks and how user friendly it is."

"It's a game-changer"

"It transforms how rowing is done on the gym floor. Integrating the core together with the power which is required makes this machine one of the best products on the floor.”

Latest Workout Figures

FloatRower™ usage stats at our trial Clubs, from September to December 2021...

2021-12 DLC Stats 3.PNG
2021-12 DLC Stats 2.PNG
2021-12 DLC Stats.PNG

"Just a better workout"

The fact that you need to think about the technique, the core activation, as well as your power and split time, makes rowing on the FloatRower™ not only more entertaining, but also a better workout overall. You feel like you've had to work hard whilst on the FloatRower™ .


"It's a brand new approach"

"It's a brand new approach towards training. Members can combine strength and cardio but in a way that is more enjoyable - and they can improve their knowledge surrounding technique in both areas."


Find out more about the progress of the trials on our blog...

DLC Trials Nov 2021.png
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