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FloatRower™ – like many great innovations – came into being by chance. We were looking at developing machines that would offer the perfect warm up for a range of sporting activities, and while there are plenty of ways to warm up for the physical demands of rowing, there is much less available to acclimatise body and mind for the feeling of floating.


So FloatRower™ was born – and with it, a host of ideas for making this experience a truly positive and global one. We wanted to make rowing for everyone – not just for those who can access the water and a suitable boat. We also wanted to make it about teaching, so that complete beginners can learn a brand new art, without leaving the house, and improve every time they use it. As we progressed, it became about competing, as well – against your past performance, against your friends, your rowing team, and other users all around the world.


We wanted to make rowing open to all, and to create a community who share the same love of rowing as elite athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. We believe the FloatRower™ really opens the door to this fantastic sport, and that the virtual experiences you can enjoy as you row are an even greater enhancement to that feeling of achievement, when you’ve navigated all the bends of a river in a rolling, pitching boat/vessel.

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