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Sliding into David Lloyd Clubs...

It’s happening - FloatRower™ is now available to try at David Lloyd Clubs!!

We are so excited to announce that FloatRower™ has launched in four David Lloyd Clubs - Derby, Acton Park, Hatfield and Northwood – for all David Lloyd members to use as part of their workout. We can’t wait to find out how it goes down with the members, and to hear their feedback.

How it will work

Since 13 September, members have been jumping on a FloatRower™ at one of the participating clubs. You can select an instructor-led workout that comes in a variety of challenge levels; select an interval, time or distance-based workout; or you can just start rowing with “Just Row”. If you’re new to indoor rowing or want to work on your technique, you can follow our instructor-led “Learn to Row” video, which goes through everything, from correct positioning on a FloatRower™ to setting up your resistance and to your rowing movement and posture.

Whatever workout you choose, FloatRower™ tracks your performance and stats, and gives you feedback for improving.

What We’ll Find Out

This is the first time that FloatRower™ has been available for public use, and by gym staff who have been fully trained in how to use the machine themselves, and how to show members the way to get the best from it - so we’re excited to confirm that all our design plans, which have always had our end users at the forefront, have been borne out. We want to know that the software is easy to use; that it really does feel like rowing on water; and that you can use FloatRower™, whatever your experience, ability or disability. We’ll be asking all members who try out FloatRower™ what they think, as well as the gym staff who’ll be supporting them.

Benn Klewpatinond, our Co-Founder and Head of Product Development: “We couldn’t be more excited about working with David Lloyd Clubs to trial FloatRower™ in a gym setting. We know how well it’s been received by rowing professionals, adaptive rowers and complete beginners, and finding out what DLC members think will be a vital part of our development plans. We believe it’s also a great way to support their members’ physical and mental health, whilst bringing an authentic rowing experience to everyone – which is one of the reasons FloatRower™ was created. It’s fun, challenging and addictive – just like the real thing!”

How you can try it

If you are a member of David Lloyd Clubs, you can try out a FloatRower™ in the gym now, at the Derby, Acton Park, Hatfield and Northwood Clubs. The trial lasts for 12 weeks and you can feed back your experiences or suggestions to us via – we’d love to hear from you!


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