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Meet FloatRower™ – the authentic rowing experience, on dry land.

There’s nothing like the challenge and the feeling of rowing on water – physically, mentally, staying balanced to achieve the least resistance and greatest speed, and the rush of achievement when you make that finish line – it’s a feeling like no other, which just could not be replicated by a static or dynamic rowing machine... Enter FloatRower™: the only rowing machine that rolls and pitches with every stroke, just like the motion of a boat on water. It’s the closest you’ll get to an authentic rowing experience, on dry land: with all of the physical, muscular and mental challenges, FloatRower™ gives you the same intense cardio, core and mind workout as rowing on water. Add in the detailed live performance data, and Wi-Fi connection to friends and other FloatRower™ users worldwide, and it’s just like stepping into a boat and racing down a real river – with positive coaching, and connection to a community every stroke of the way.

“I thought it would just be a re-modelled rower. What I found was an innovative new concept of unbalanced rowing - making it more like the real thing at the same time making it more of a challenge and fun.” – Paula

FloatRower™ is designed for everyone – whether you're a complete beginner, a gym user or an elite rower. Regardless of your physical or mental abilities, FloatRower™ is great for rehabilitation and adaptive rowing.

So, how is FloatRower™ different?

We have been able to create the feeling of rowing on the water – on land

FloatRower’s™ monorail, seat, footplates and resistance are all built to emulate the feel, motion and movements of a floating rowing boat – from the roll and pitch that ensures you work to control your balance, to the two resistance fans that perform like independent oars.

  • Better balance - the on-water simulation means your core muscles need to work harder to keep you balanced and symmetrical as you row, to counter the rocking and swaying of the boat.

  • Dual oar resistance – each ‘oar’ operates separately, enabling you to compare strokes, favour one side, and simulate navigating the bends of a river.

  • Weight distribution – just like on water, the weight of the boat and the rower is supported across a wider area, which means less strain on the body at different phases of the stroke – reducing the risk of injury, and allowing you to enjoy rowing for longer.

  • Live data – this will keep you up to date with your performance and improve your skills as you row.

  • It really is for EVERYONE – whatever your physical ability, limitations, or your level of rowing experience, we’re positive that absolutely anyone can use and enjoy FloatRower™.

“As soon as you sit on it, it engages your core and switches on your brain to get it to balance whilst using it.” – Les

“It’s the X-Box of my cardiovascular workout!” – Josh

Where did it all start?

FloatRower™ is the creation of Anthony Hamilton, entrepreneur and father of motor racing legend Lewis Hamilton. Anthony had the idea to design a machine that would replicate that unique water-based rowing experience, accessible for all abilities and skill levels, and close enough to water rowing that it could be used to train the most elite rowing athletes, allowing them to warm up effectively for a race – not only for the physical demands, but for the mental challenge of balancing too.

And so FloatRower™ was born – and with it, a host of good, bad and crazy ideas for making this experience a truly positive and global one; after all, rowing really is for everyone and not just for those who can access the water and a suitable boat. We wanted to make FloatRower™ about teaching and inspiring, so that complete beginners can learn a brand new art, without leaving the house, and see their improvements with every row. And as we went, it became about competing, as well – against your past performance, against your friends, your rowing team, and other users based all around the world.

We sought to make rowing open to all, and to create a community of people who share the same love of rowing as elite athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. We believe FloatRower™ really opens the door to this fantastic sport, and that the virtual experiences you can enjoy as you row are an even greater enhancement to that feeling of achievement, when you’ve navigated all the bends of a river in a rolling, pitching boat.

We are very excited to be launching FloatRower™ in 2021 and know you’ll love it as much as we do. Production is well underway and we'll be giving you lots more updates as the new year progresses. To find out more, and for pre-order information, contact us via


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